Activities for adults while camping

Everyone should learn problem solving, as it is important in both our personal and professional lives.Problems occur all around us and many people react with spontaneous emotion.Set a specific amount of time for completing the duplicated model.The team that is the first to finish – or gets the furthest on completing their model – wins.All rentals are considered to be “Good Housekeeping”.They are clean when you check-in and we ask they are that way when you vacate.Confirmation of reservations will be e-mailed only after receipt of payment. Starting at 5/couple or 5/2 adults and 2 children.We do our best to honor site requests whenever possible; however, we are unable to guarantee specific site numbers for rental units or for stays of less than one week. Fall Frolic Four weekends of fantastic Fall camping! • All cancellations and/or changes to reservation are subject to service fee.

If you have a small group, have each person create one side of a conversation dealing with the problem for presentation to everyone. Provide each group member (or divide into teams for a large group) enough blocks to duplicate the model.The following list of activities present problem solving skills in the form of games, a non-threatening and fun way. Once the teams have finished (you may have to set an amount of time for completion), switch the teams around so that every team has a web other than their own. The goal is for the blindfolded individual to unwind the web following the verbal instruction of their teammates.In order to be successful, team members must concentrate, and give/follow directions.2018 Reservations open NOW: Stays of 7 nights (6/24 – 8/31) All stays (4/27-6/23 & 9/1-10/14) 2019 Reservations opening January 2nd, 2018: Stays of 7 nights (6/23 – 8/30) All stays (4/26 – 6/22 & 8/31-10/20)* *Excluding Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day Weekends Advance reservations are recommended for your stay at Pine Acres. Rental units book Friday to Friday or Sunday to Sunday during July and August, with the exception of Rustic Cabins (see Rental page for details).Reservations require a payment in full at the time of booking with a credit card.

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