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I like Carol, she is nice contrast to the mania of Ramonja, Bethenny and Dorinda.

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Last year Bethenny was last in the opening and this year she got bumped to first. Word on the street is that Lens Dunham has some major interactions with the RHONYC this season. Even if a lot of people hate them, hating is better than "neutral" when it comes to reality tv. I'll always love Aviva for rightfully calling Sonja and Ramona "white trash" because that is what they are. Not surprising that Carole, who's in denial that she's in her 50s, would think he's "cool".[quote] Carole adds nothing to the show - and the previews confirm it. "My husband used to only date gorgeous tall Eastern Europeans but he could marry me because I'm Jewish and also look like those girls. Bitch, please, tell that to the a billion women in India who are also "raising humans." Beth's eyes went cross-eyed when she said that.

(I would not be surprised if folks were GLAD she lost a limb. The Sonja/Lu Ann living situation is going to be so predictable.. Ramona has done something to her face-she looks better than last season. Bethenny really shouldn't be saying that Jules has an eating disorder when plenty of people have said the same about Bethenny. As if her skeletor face wasn't bad enough last season, she looks like a fucking skeleton HAG this season. With Ramona, Lu Ann, and Sonya, it's the same old shit as the past seasons. Did anyone notice that poor but very hot guy on the barstool at the end who was singled out by Ramona and Bethenny for a kind of passive-aggressive insult quest.

She's not a nice woman, and her appeal as a villain is ZERO. I swear every season it gets deeper and deeper but the change from last season seems quite stark. Does anyone believed she's involved in anything to do with the Morgans at this point? Ramona looks good but agree that the long hair is a bit much. I feel like they need someone to go toe to toe with Bethenny. I knew John and Dorinda would be playing much more for the cameras this season. But at least she has a story to tell, with her business and her divorce. She went for the money and then realized the younger poorer ones were better in the sack.

When one thinks of reality TV stars, one doesn’t usually think “masters of prose.” But the best seller list is crawling with “Real Housewives,” “Bachelors” and just about everyone from the “Duck Dynasty” clan.

Yet another bearded “Duck” star is coming out with a book this spring — Jase Robertson’s “Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family and Fowl,” which follows in the footsteps of three Robertson best sellers.

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