C47 consolidating

Out in the bush, the corporal had an autonomy and responsibilities not known in many armies at that level.It was a 'Corporal's War' for he had immediate command on the ground and took the initiative in many instances.Communications were by courier and letter (a system which the Rhodesians would exploit).

The Rhodesians were now confronted with the problem of their enemy living among their own kind. The system of joint command was tested and improved by psychological warfare was neglected.

The war divided into phases roughly aligned to the political events. By this time Zambia was independent and offered a safe haven to both ZAPU and ZANU.

The movements sought to send in groups to propagate the revolution on the unsophisticated assumption that the African people were ready to rise and assist them in driving out the whites.

ZAPU in particular was dealt an almost fatal blow by making the mistake of seeking to create base areas in wild country from which to sally out.

In transit to these areas, the infiltrators had to cross the harsh Zambezi Valley where the Tonga people were inhospitable to them.

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