Catholic dating a hindu

“He said as a Hindu I was like a math teacher,” she chuckled.

Bharath’s parents had a more difficult time with her change in faith.

“Overall it has brought a lot of refinement to our lives and a lot of fruition.” So much so that during this year’s Easter Vigil at Mary, Queen of Peace, Bharath became Catholic. Bharath said he’d long had a strong affinity to Christianity, but seeing his wife’s conversion, and how it changed her, gradually convinced him to become Catholic.

“Everything that she does, she takes into consideration what Jesus would do.” “The more I learn about Catholicism, the more I learn about the Lord, the more I’m amazed and the more I want to help others,” Srinivasan said.Around that same time a priest reminded her, if “Jesus said ‘I am the way,’ how can you say no” to trying to save a marriage?One day while at Mass, Srinivasan was praying and heard God asking her to surrender her marriage to him. For weeks she would go every day to morning Mass and evening adoration. But instead it’s her life story, with Christ entering mid-plot. This could be a plotline out of a movie starring former Indian film actress Christina Srinivasan.

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