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They married in 1971—he was by then a star on All in the Family—and their home became a clubhouse for young writers and actors: Bessell, Albert Brooks and Richard Dreyfuss, among others. “They were so funny, and besides, they needed an audience.

I cooked the lasagna and spaghetti, and Rob made the chili.” And Tracy had joined her mother too.

“We might have to move,” the 53-year-old director warns, cigarette angling from her lip. “There’s a room in her house called The Mall,” says Elliot Abbott, an executive producer of her new film, The Preacher’s Wife, “where she keeps an inventory of future gifts.” On this particular November morning, though, Marshall is all business.She also sampled the drugs she’d avoided when she was busy being a mother.“In 1980, Carrie and I took acid for the first time,” Marshall says.“It was like, ‘So-and-so could do it, why can’t you be more like so-and-so? “I think when the thumb came out of my mouth, the cigarette went in.” (It has stayed there since she was 13.) Acceptance was hard to come by on any front.Boy-crazy back then, Marshall said braces limited her to “lots of crushes.” Rejected by the Magnets, a local girl gang, she hung out with boy gangs the Falcons and Sharks.

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