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The following table lists the differences between an interforest domain restructure and an intraforest domain restructure.You do not have to migrate accounts in closed sets.Being aware of these factors will go a long way towards making the merger successful and will help guarantee your websites won’t lose any of their existing rankings in search engines.Pick the most important sites that provide you with the most powerful links and contact them requesting that they update the URL of their links to your new site.After you deploy Active Directory or AD DS, you might decide to further reduce the complexity of your environment by either restructuring domains between forests or restructuring domains within a single forest.

Splitting or cloning forests—for example, to accommodate divestiture of an organization—is not supported.When you run ADMT at the command line, it is often more efficient to use an option file to specify command-line options.You can use the ADMT option file reference in the following example to assist you in creating option files.Link Id=401534) and it supersedes all previous versions.It runs on all versions of Windows Server and can migrate objects to and from any Active Directory environment.

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