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Bye: Lawson Eji email: [email protected], I am from Assam, male, married 41yrs wants female pen/ email friends of age group 28yrs to 40yrs. Bye: Robert DSuza, Bongaigaon, assam India email: [email protected], I am Justus(Male) 54 yrs from Dharmapuri tamil nadu.

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However, comments are subject to editing if it is believed that they may be offensive to some groups, and such listings or advertisements may be removed.Bye: Ranjit Roy, Kolkata email: [email protected]) All names and addresses (including e-mail addresses) together with details are hosted in this internet edition of DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL in good faith, based on their e mails to us OR their original letters to us.No individual investigations are done to verify the same (which is also humanly impossible).Anything found derogatory, defamatory, illegal, libellous, or anything found to be violating the law in any other respect shall be the sole responsibility of the authors of those passages.They/She/He shall be responsible for all legal actions as well as legal consequences arising from what they have written.

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