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Chile has enacted restrictive labor laws that hinder businesses; at least one foreign investor is waging a capital strike against Chile.

Chile has passed other idiotic laws such as prohibiting Mc Donald’s and other fast food chains from putting toys in Happy Meals.

It is unclear whether it will grow fast enough to strangle the economy.

Investors are losing confidence in Chile, causing a decline in the IPSA index of stocks in 2012-13 after soaring for 20 years.

Cobin identifies major problems with managing a business in Chile that applies to all Latin America: 90% or more of Chileans do not tell the truth (or avoid telling the truth), since they never like to say “no” or admit that they do not know something.

Few lie with the intent to deceive or mislead you intentionally, but many will tell you something that is not true in order that you not be offended (e.g., “I will call you tomorrow”).

Chileans in government and the private sector are addicted to paperwork: In Chile one grows accustomed to waiting in line. In the USA you rarely needed any document notarized. The government of Chile recognizes that this system is a drain on the economy so various reform proposals have been put forth.

Humans are a tribal species and every country subscribes to the false idea that foreigners take jobs from locals without spending money to create demand for local goods and services.On the bright side, if you’re trapped underground in a mine for a few months, your wife and girlfriend will be overjoyed to see you again when you emerge at the surface.Adultery is common not only in Chile but in all Latin America.Foreign women are expected to be independent so companies are more willing to hire them.Many foreigners teach English, as Chileans highly value native speakers, but the pay is low.

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