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Their father was an architect and I believe owned a construction company. 3/21/2008 PM I was in Warsaw, Poland in July 2004 and purchased a hand carved wood nativity and creche. On the back of the creche is the name Marian Opis of Nroctan, Polska 2003. Never the less I am anxious to learn everything I can about the beautiful country of Slovakia. My mother is from Novysedlak family there in Krasna Luka, also for now Novysedlak family branches live there. Jane Jana Istvanova Kosice, Slovakia Slovakia - Mon.

I believe their home was declared a Historical Land Mark. I feel such a connection to this land of my ancestors so this site is of great interest to me. It will help me as I continue to search for my grandmothers family. 3/13/2008 PM Can someone please help to find out what my village name is. His naturalization papers to the United States stated that he came from Austria. 10/15/2007 AM I was sent this link by someone posting to my reply on

Here in the United States she married Jzsef Szab, who was also from eastern Slovakia. John E Pipta Jr Newry , PAThe story was very interesting USA - Fri. 9/23/2007 2:1 PM I have great grandparents who immigrated from Hungary roughly between 18. O-Post Evenouow Village-Wierevana Penuhne I have looked everywhere for information,and can not find a thing. Her father was David her mother was Zissel nee Reichbach.

Thanks, Bill Tarkulich I reply to the message of Mary Johnson [email protected] any information on or how to obtain my village name please contact me asap time is running out. before March 17th 2008 Veronica Burgess San Juan Capistrano, Ca USA - Sun. In my genealogical research I only recently learned that my maternal grandmother, Anna Gondorcsin (or some version of the spelling of that family name), is apparently from Ljuta (Havaskz). It has been quite helpful as I search for information on my Hungarian ancestors, Josef(ph) and Johanna Jurschtizka Theiss who immigrated to the United States some time around 1908 with their four children at the time: Michael, Madeline, Joseph, and Matthew.I believe she was an ethnic Rusyn and spoke Slovak and Hungarian. My grandfather wasn't from Ulic but he was from a village close by "Ruska Volova". It is a lot like the area he settled in, here in PA. Past American cities they lived in: Bayonne, New Jersey. Margaret Theiss Bratcher Bloomington, IL USA - Sun. 9/21/2007 PM Please send me any information you might have regarding this place- State-Grbarne City-Kobrinsky Urisd Country Wolost Dlulieloska P. She had parents and 5 siblings before the war as of to date we are of the notion that she is the sole survivor.Several step-brothers also named Barna or Barni also settled in Pennsylvania, USA Stan Brown Easton, PA USA - Mon. My mother, Elizabeth, moved to Chicago, Ill USA around 1936 to live with her older brother Louis. If an English speaking person wanted to find out more information on this church, how would he go about contacting someone in Ubrez to acquire the information? 12/15/2007 AM Names I am researching in Jablunkov are Lipovsky, Yezowicz and Bielese.3/24/2008 PM My mother was born in Ungvar, Hungry 1918. He was the oly other sibling to move to the States. they eaven have baywac' born by ostrava and now live in Canada in Waterloo city. I have found the Church online, I believe, and the person/phone number/address of the responsible person. Joseph Yezowicz (born 1902) and Anna Yezowicz (nee Bielese)(born 1909) eventually settled in Canada as did my Father Anton Lipovsky (born 1917). My Father's Mother was Suzanah Lipovsky (nee Yezowicz) (born abt 1892). 11/2/2007 PM Im looking for some relatives in Canada (Toronto).

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