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So get involved with product launches as an affiliate, as not only does the buzz of the launch encourage more sales. I've came in the top 5 sellers when I first started as an affiliate in the online marketing niche with just 20 sales.

But on a mid level or smaller launch, even a handful of sales can land you in the top 10 on the affiliate contest. And I netted a few hundred dollars in bonus cash because of it. Usually only the top 3 sellers are the ones sending the HUGE volumes so don't be put off by thinking everyone else will out perform you.

There is endless choice of good products that they do need in most profitable niches.

So simply match their need with a high converting and profitable product that you'll make money from. They get their problem solved and you make some commission for your time and work.

If you could miss out all the learning and mistake making parts and skip straight to the money making parts you would, right? Well here's the deal: I can't fast forward you to super affiliate status just yet However...

I can show you what I've learned as an affiliate from making ,680.75 in commission to date just on And that does not include bonus prize money from winning affiliate contests (I estimate that's worth another K at least but I've never recorded it).

You'll see in the screenshot below the different headline angles I've taken for one promo... Go with results, testimonials, stories, tell them what they'll gain by purchasing, tell them what they'll lose by not purchasing. And make sure you know the best days to mail which I'm about to reveal below...

I mentioned this already but you should mail hard on the first and last days. Typically 20-25% of all sales I make will be on day 1.

As if a launch doesn't go to plan and you don't make much or any're in trouble. More revealed on this later, but for now check out this sales maximizing tip...The more you show them your marketing message the more chance they will buy.Typically the bulk of all sales come from day 1 and the final day but the days in between add up to a substantial amount too so mail daily.As the simple affiliate lessons here apply to whatever affiliate network you use, especially if you promote digital products. But here's why that is and how you can take advantage of it (in an ethical way) and make more money... Your customers hope that they are going to discover some brand, new, system, no one else knows about that will solve all their problems. There's also the scarcity and fear of missing out when the launch is over and the price rises or the product goes offline.So here's those 31 affiliate lessons that will increase your affiliate profits... There's the excitement of a new product and system. Launches flat out work and you'll make far more money in the few short days when a launch is on than you will from months of promoting an evergreen product not in launch phase.

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