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After several cases he gets chosen to be a juror for a murder case involving a man named Carl Wayne Bishop (Sean Whalen), a fast food employee who had been fired and is now accused of murdering several other fast food employees.The evidence against him gets stronger, when several employees appear as witnesses saying that he threatened to kill them.He tells them that he committed these terrible murders and framed Carl Wayne Bishop because he thought there was no way of truth and justice in the world.With Peanut's help, however, they manage to subdue Frank and knock him unconscious.He calls Monica, who immediately hangs up on him, but he goes looking for Frank, another fellow juror, who was also obsessed with the environment.Later that night someone meets another man named Frank who thanks him for volunteering to do jury duty on his behalf while he was on vacation, only to be killed with a stun gun.Not wanting to lose his suite and luxurious lifestyle, Tommy votes not guilty and stalls and prolongs the deliberations as well as continuously going over the evidence.After many delays, the other jurors become increasingly angry with Tommy, especially Monica (Tia Carrere), whom Tommy had fallen in love with, and threaten to throw him out of the jury unless he finds a better way to prove Bishop's innocence.

He finds out that she and her boyfriend Jed (Charles Napier), a polystyrene collector, are going to Las Vegas to be married and taking the mobile home with them.

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Even though Tommy tries to explain that he's now a changed person, she is deeply upset on how he used them and walks out in tears.

Later the Judge declares a mistrial and arranges another hearing at a later date.

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