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* * * * Over the next couple weeks I didn't hear anything about the professor or any other lover for that matter as Tiffany was immersed in a all encompassing biology lab project.The girl had brains, and when she put her mind to something, she could come out with an A with a little work. Tiffany couldn't use her charms to flirt her way to a grade, or whatever.The guy has been out of school six years, has a good job, and still owes six figures to the loan agency. Tiffany had disappeared Friday after class and I had the place to myself.

My sometimes roommate, Tiffany, was anything but helpful.

It was just that sometimes she didn't want to work. She had to do some old fashioned studying and hard work to get a grade. When the family was together, dad would send me little gifts every so often.

For a birthday, I'd get a VISA card for a couple hundred bucks, while every so often a card to one of the music sites, bookstores or big box stores would come as a surprise.

" "I guess a couple guys had come out back to get a smoke --- they were smoking anyway outside the door. One of them asked if I enjoyed my desert, while the other patted me on the bottom. " Tiffany said the exchange in the alley with the guys only made the professor hotter.

They danced a little, but then went over to a local no-tell motel where he laid the wood to her from various angles.

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