Family guy old lady dating brian

It was just that fusion of Brian as Peter's friend/peer and as his dog that was so funny.Well, if you want to get technical about it (and of course you do, since this is the Dope, and that's what we do 'round these parts), then Brian having sex with a human isn't bestiality -- at least on Brian's part.Brian replied "I'm only eight." As for his dogness, I remember an old episode where he was getting ready for a date, and he was blow drying his hair. There was the reverse situation when Brian went to the parallel universe full of talking dogs.A really hot human, a pet of the dogs, came up to Brian and Brian started flirting with her.Brian goes outside to relieve himself, but Cleveland insists on putting Brian on a leash, claiming strict leash laws or something like that.Over the course of the show he has dated several human women and in fact had a human son by one. Right after he breaks up with Jillian (the hot but dumb one played by Drew Barrymore), he's chatting with a woman at a party.It's more of a stereotype about dogs not liking black people.

He once had sex with Carter Pweterschmidt's dog in the middle of a dog race.

Griffin--that's my father's name," and Chris goes, "I thought your dad's name was Cocoa and he got hit by a milk truck." One of my favorites was when Brian back to the puppy mill where he was born and asked if they remembered him.

The farmer said they had a lot of dogs over the years and he couldn't remember them all.

The 'dogs are second class citizens' episode also had the scene at the end where Stewie lets Brian come to his room to sleep to cheer him up and keep him company; Brian does that circling-before-lying-down thing that dogs do.

It is so funny to me when they just drop those things in without comment. I think there's also one where they mention Brian not sleeping with Lois and Peter because they're having sex or something...

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