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However local police knew nothing of her activities, she said, and Caparas was arrested both times by the Manila-based national anti-cybercrime squad.Youngsters working for Caparas allegedly worked in three days shifts making contacts with foreigners and then persuading them to strip and perform sex acts in front of their computers which were then recorded and used to blackmail them.Arrest: Caparas is in custody in the Philippines accused of child abuse and trafficking.Archie Gian Tolin, one of her alleged gang, pictured, has since gone into hiding in the Philippines.

Incredibly, despite her two high-profile arrests, which have seen her nicknamed the 'Queen of Sextortion' by local newspapers, village leaders claim to know little about her activities and have taken no follow-up action to warn parents or youngsters about her alleged operations.The trainee mechanic thought he was chatting online to a girl in the US and was told by his online tormentors he would be 'better off dead' as they demanded money shortly before he leapt to his death from the Forth Road Bridge in 2013.She is now in custody awaiting trial for child abuse and trafficking while one of her 22-year-old gang members, Archie Gian Tolin, has since gone into hiding in the Philippines, evading his extradition to Britain over Daniel's death.The suspected mastermind behind a global internet sex scam that caused the suicide of a British teenager is a rich former slum dweller from the Philippines known as the Queen of Sextortion, Mail Online has discovered.Single mother Maria Cecilia Caparas-Regalachuelo – who just 10 years ago lived in one of Manila's worst areas – is the alleged matriarch of a syndicate in the northern Philippines that has blackmailed thousands of foreigners after taking naked videos of them during online sex chats.

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