Herioin nagi mandanna ki nagi pohtoo

Dogen pretends to hold Makiko hostage and starts to cut off her eye patch.

Souichiro gets angry, insisting her eyepatch is not to be touched.

During this time, she told Maya Natsume all she knew about Sohaku and Tetsuhito.

As Aya is shown events from the past by Reiki, she is shown the history of Makiko and Sohaku from 8 years ago.

The sword takes its name from this event-- Kusanagi literally means "grass cutter".

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Manaka is a middle school girl who is indecisive and prone to crying.

Some of the best anime drawings ever can be found right in the middle of our favorite anime.

Her son, Souichiro would have been offered a spot, but Jushi Mataza Tsumuji objected.

Nonetheless, if she was even a second late Souichiro would have been chewed up by his own dragon in her place. In the hospital, Makiko regains consciousness and finds everyone else knocked unconscious.

She rushes outside just in time to see Sohaku throwing Souichiro into a car. She says she no longer has the strength to attack, resent or hate him. Afterward Makiko is cared for by Yorihira Tsumuji in the mountains where F can’t find them.

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Birthday: March 5 Height: 152 cm Hair colour: auburn hair The heroine, and the childhood friend of Hikari Sakishima who has been looked after by him since the two of them were young.

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