Intimidating shout focus macro

As a result, warriors are not an easy option for a first time player. While they receive some disadvantages, when played well they can be just as powerful as any other class. They can also use different stances to affect how much damage they deal and receive and are defiantly a big step forward for RPG warriorkind.Night Elves -Shadowmeld is great because it allows you to avoid battles you donÂ’t want and allows you to hide and get the first hit with charge.1% dodge is more noticeable than you would think, and makes revenge available more when tanking -Wisp is nice but to be honest, if you need wisp a lot then youÂ’re doing something wrong -The nature resistance bonus is low but great for mara and AQ Dwarves -I havenÂ’t played as a dwarf before but if stoneform dispels bleed, poison and disease then it is good -Gun skill doesnÂ’t help much as your primary combat style is melee. | |You donÂ’t need to buy water | | |Warriors can be any race | | ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -------------- (2). This is very handy if the server|it properly | |lags |People generally want the tank to be | |Because you are gear heavy, you get |the highest level in the group. |means you often canÂ’t go to instances| |Warriors make excellent battleground |until you are 1-2 levels higher than | |twinks |the minimum.It is a good stance to use when solo or about to attack something Defensive stance- Acquired from a level 10 quest, defensive stance reduces damage dealt and taken by 10%, increases threat generated and allows the use of defensive abilities. Berserker stance- Learnt via a level 30 quest, berserker stance increase your chance to get a critical hit by 3% but increases damage taken by 10% and reduces threat generated.This stance is good when dps in groups, Pv Ping and often soloing. Cost-15 rage (reduced to 12 with talent) All stances ------ -------------- ---------------- --- |Rank |Level required| Training cost | X | ------ -------------- ---------------- --- |1 |1 |Learnt at start |11 | |2 |8 | 2s |21 | |3 |16 | 20s |32 | |4 |24 | 80s |44 | |5 |32 | 1g 26s |58 | |6 |40 | 1g 98s |80 | |7 |48 | 4g |111| |8 |56 | 5g 80s |138| |9 |60 | Book |157| ------ -------------- ---------------- --- This is a good attack early on but later attacks such as mortal strike end up rendering it obsolete.

Tauren -War stomp interrupts spells, stops the enemy fighting for a bit, reveals rogues, needs no rage, can help you escape enemies and needs no rage. -The herbalism bonus is obviously good if you do herbalism, useless if you donÂ’t. | |You can equip any weapon type (except|Your job in groups is the most | |wands) with training. | |Against green level enemies, you can |Grinding is slow as you have a low dps| |sometimes sit back and watch your |If you change weapon types, you must | |character hack away at something and |grind weapon skill before you can use| |win. ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- | Advantages of being a warrior | Disadvantages of being a warrior | ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- |ItÂ’s usually easy to find instance |Some people whisper you with group | |groups because every group needs a |invites without checking where you | |tank. | |Armour drops that you need are only |You have no transport abilities until| |ever needed by you, shamans (up to |you get a mount. These classes |Being equipment heavy means you need | |are relatively uncommon in Pv E groups.|to replace equipment regularly.However, charm and sleep are rare and warriors can dispel fear with berserker rage so this ability is only good when tanking and in defensive stance.-Cannibalise can reduce downtime as you donÂ’t need to wait for mana.

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