Laws violent intimidating neighbors

Any statements made orally, written, or otherwise which are not contained herein shall have no impact on either parties’ rights or obligations elaborated in this agreement.

Please note that websites you visit may be viewed by someone else later.

Forbearing enforcement of legally enforceable remedies is sufficient consideration to support this agreement.

This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties.

The following is an example cease and desist letter for harassment.

This cease and desist template should not be used without first consulting with an experienced attorney.

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I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter.

When you send this letter to the perpetrator, allow 15 days for a response.

This gives the perpetrator time to receive the letter (the mail can be slow sometimes), read it over, examine his/her own legal rights, and mail it back (allowing time for the letter to slowly move through the mail on the return trip).

I further understand that [your full name] has not waived [his/her] rights and may pursue legal remedies against me if I fail to abide by this agreement.

I understand that this agreement is not specifically limited to the activities named herein.

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