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Certain scenes break through the constraints of time and space, as when Barris is talking on the phone in his apartment to an ABC executive, who is sitting in his office, and the two locations become one on the screen.

The sense of dislocation this technique creates perfectly reflects the mental split occurring in Barris' own disturbed psyche.

This style is further enhanced by the use of slightly off-kilter camera angles, color filtering and sepia tones in some of the shots.

Scenarist Charlie Kaufman, as always, brings his own quirky vision to bear on the material.

Simona a mentionat ca nu este de acord ca suma primita de mame a fost plafonata.

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Moreover, Kaufman does a nice job getting inside the head of this man who is trying to fight the demons of his own past, make a name for himself in the high stakes world of network programming, cope with his own inadequacies as a person, and come to terms with the vile things he is doing in his secret life all at the same time."Sincer, pe moment nu mi-a placut ca am fost inclusa in acest discurs.Nu cred ca as avea nevoie de banii statului ca sa-mi cresc copilul.Barris finds it impossible to make a real, meaningful connection to another human being, so twisted has he become in his value system and bizarre lifestyle.Rounding out the cast are Clooney himself, as the mysterious CIA agent who draws Barris into this strange netherworld of intrigue and danger, Rutger Hauer, as a fellow hit man who pours out his feelings about his chosen occupation to Barris, Julia Roberts, as the icy cool CIA operative who pops up at various moments and in various places to keep an eye on the young recruit, and even Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, who show up for a truly hilarious cameo appearance together, one that had the audience at the screening I attended howling with delight.

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