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Finally, with the imprudence of youth, Joseph told his brothers two dreams which clearly portended his future elevation over them all, but which, for the present, simply caused them to hate him all the more ( Genesis 37:1-11 ).In this frame of mind, they seized upon the first opportunity to get rid of the one of whom they spoke as "the dreamer".However, unlike the meaning of a simile, a parable's meaning is implicit (although not secret).The eleventh son of Jacob, the firstborn of Rachel, and the immediate ancestor of the tribes of Manasses and Ephraim.An allegory may have multiple noncontradictory interpretations and may also have implications that are ambiguous or hard to interpret. Medieval interpreters of the Bible often treated Jesus' parables as allegories, with symbolic correspondences found for every element in his parables.But modern scholars, beginning with Adolf Jülicher, regard their interpretations as incorrect.

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At this point the narrative in Genesis combines two distinct accounts of the manner in which the brothers of Joseph actually carried out their intention of avenging themselves upon him.

His term of office in Egypt falls probably under one of the later Hyksos kings ( see EGYPT).

His name, either contracted from Jehoseph ( Psalm 81:6 , in the Hebrew) or abbreviated from Joseph-El (cf. 78), is distinctly connected in Gen., xxx, 23, 24, with the circumstances of his birth and is interpreted: "may God add".

Aside from providing guidance and suggestions for proper conduct in one's life, parables frequently use metaphorical language which allows people to more easily discuss difficult or complex ideas.

Parables express an abstract argument by means of using a concrete narrative which is easily understood.

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