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But when two nearby officers arrived on the scene and handcuffed her the 29-year-old was in no mood to go quietly.

Prosecutor Neil Sweeney said: “At first she was compliant but then became aggressive. Two more officers arrived and one was struck on the chin.

When confronted with what she had done, she offered to pay for the damage and compensation.

Her solicitor, Paul O’Shea, said she was appalled at what she had done.

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Sharzad Takalobighasi smashed the glass of C and Sea in Albion Street, Broadstairs, during a night out with gym friends.

Includes names of early town constables, officers and Chiefs of Police.

Phoenix Police Department History Features a brief history of the Phoenix, AZ Police Department.

Also see the Phoenix Police Museum which includes a virtual tour, photographs and some information about early officers of the Phoenix Police Dept.

Yuma Police Department History Features a brief history of the Chandler, AZ Police Department from 1914 to present day and includes some names of Chiefs of Police, Captains and other officials.

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