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That's the shittiest thing about vintages: when they're gone, they're gone.

I am sort of "into" perfumes, though, and don't live under a rock, so I know that Poison is kind of a big deal. With nothing to fear but fear itself, I sprayed two cool bursts onto my wrist and nose-dove in...

I only wear it on days that I feel special, a me day.

Current juice doesn’t last that long on my skin and the sillage is poorer. My Grandma wore this, and though I found it lovely, I remembered it as pretty potent and pretty cloying. Your sense of smell wanes in old age and you douse yourself in perfume.

In 2006, the house of Dior released the Poison Amulets.

These are limited edition 15 ml purse sprays available in Poison, Pure Poison, Tendre Poison and Hypnotic Poison; each comes with 2 refills and is packaged in a satin pouch with funnel.

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