Russisk dating Faaborg-Midtfyn

ARLHS DEN-015; DFL-4370; Admiralty C0988; NGA 2636.1976 (station established 1777).

Active; focal plane 5 m (16 ft); white, red, or green light, depending on direction, occulting twice every 8 s. ) lantern, painted white with one narrow red horizontal band.

ARLHS numbers are from the ARLHS World List of Lights. Active; focal plane 30 m (98 ft); flash every 5 s, white, red, or green depending on direction.Located on the coast at Tvingsberg, about 3 km (2 mi) north of Assens. ARLHS DEN-048; directional light: DFL-4214, Admiralty C0967; front range light: DFL-4218b, Admiralty C0968, NGA 2608. Active; focal plane 28 m (92 ft); white light, 2 s on, 2 s off. The front of the tower is painted with red and white horizontal bands; the other sides are painted a dark brown or black.The light is shown through a large window at the top of the tower.Trabas has a closeup photo, Lemvigh has photos, and Bing has a heavily-shaded satellite view.Located in a forest just off the Baunevej at Sandager, 2.2 km (1.4 mi) northeast of the front light. ARLHS DEN-049; DFL-4218a; Admiralty C0968.1; NGA 2612.1900.

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