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Paz was later recaptured by Peace Sentinel leader Hot Coldman and was taken to a U. missile base in Nicaragua, where she was placed in a cell.

She was later relocated to the control room where Coldman intended to launch a nuclear strike on MSF's Mother Base, via the unmanned Peace Walker weapon.

Officials from Monash University and the University of Melbourne confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that a number of offensive flyers had been discovered and removed.

We are committed to maintaining and strengthening a vibrant, inclusive and respectful campus community in which diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated.'The CSSA also insisted that the organisation had nothing to do with the posters.'We would like to make it clear that posters distributed around the school containing these racist and malicious contents do not in any way represent the position of the CSSA and we strongly condemn the behaviour of the one who has performed this act,' they said in a statement.

A police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia: 'Victoria Police is aware of these posters and has been in discussions with the University.

However, despite Coldman's previous actions toward her, she could not bring herself to shoot him, so Zadornov pulled the trigger himself.

Paz was soon rescued by the MSF and their Sandinista allies, while Zadornov and a dying Coldman were taken into their custody.

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