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I believe communication is the superglue that holds any relationship together, and when you lose that ability to share and express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with one another, your relationship suffers.My passion is to empower you and your significant other to sharpen your communication skills, truly understand what makes each other tick, and use what I teach you to create/recreate a love Coach Todd, WOW on your presentation at our corporate leadership retreat.Body Language, Business Management, Career, Communication Problems, Conflict Management, Couples/Marital Issues, Divorce Rehabilitation, Divorce/Divorce Prevention, Marriage, Men's Issues, Sexuality, Workplace Issues Author, Business Coach, Consultant, Dating Coach, Marriage Educator, Sex Educator, Speaker/Presenter If you’re struggling to make your relationship work, I’m here to help.Maybe you’re discouraged because you don’t feel heard or understood.

Your book is filled with so much valuable info like that. I have been married for 23 years and the first 20 years were awesome.

Everyone was dreading this annual event because profits have been way down, morale was at an all time low, and we’d been having a lot of infighting among our management staff.

But you shared some fascinating team building exercises with us, and weeks later, we continue to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Maybe the thrill is gone from your relationship, and everything feels so routine and predictable. I’ve been there, and I believe I have the tips, tools, and expertise you need to get your relationship back on track…to reignite that spark…and to fall head-over-heels in love with your partner again.

Helping couples take giant steps towards reconnecting on a deeper level, both mentally and physically, is my specialty—and my passion.

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