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Marked the comments/node_show() issue at a duplicate of this one. This should complete Eaton's initial node rendering patch and make the world a better place.

The implementation looks good, can't wait to test some of this!

I'd like to propose a three-phase patch process to get these changes into core. This is a proposal, though, and while I have pseudocode for most of the steps in here, I want to get others in the community on board to hammer out the details and help figure out where the pitfalls are. More consistency, reduced duplication of code, and the preservation of meaningful metadata later in the rendering pipeline.

For step 2, the big question will be what works best for themers.

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Permissions Permissions control which action(s) can be performed on a particular table.

Also the Combat Training feature, which allows you to play with test clients (also known as bots) and the friends list.

It's based on alter Ops (developed by NTAuthority way back in the day) and is being maintained exclusively by Face Taker.

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