Updating synonym polyamorus dating

As a search-as-a-service solution, Azure Search is used in a wide variety of applications which span many languages, industries, and scenarios.

Since terminology and definitions vary from case to case, Azure Search’s Synonyms API allows customers to define their own synonym mappings.

In Azure Search, synonym expansion is done at query time.

You can add synonym maps to a service with no disruption to existing operations.

Synonym maps and indexes are maintained independently.

Enabling synonyms functionality does not require any re-indexing of your content in Azure Search or any interruption of your service and you can add new synonyms at any time.

Currently, the Synonyms API is in Public Preview and only available in the Service REST API (api-version=2016-09-01-Preview) and . When defining synonyms for Azure Search, you add a named resource to your search service called a property of the field definition.

Mapping rules adhere to the open source synonym filter specification of Apache Solr, described in this document: Synonym Filter. " will be replaced with the alternatives on the right hand side.

Given the rule below, search queries "Washington", "Wash." or "WA" will all be rewritten to "WA".

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